Our facilities

Our ground level track is over 1 mile long. It has been extended many times; the original figure of 8, shown on the map in purple, is 400m long and is dual 5" and 71/4" gauge; the rest is 71/4" gauge only, built in a mixture of (mostly) steel bar and some aluminium track. The video above shows the journey around one loop of the GLT!

The Triple 2.5″ 3.5″ and 5″ gauge 1361ft (415mtr) long raised track was extended in the spring of 2017. It is constructed with aluminium 16mm rail on plastic sleepers on wooden trestles and has gentle gradients which suits smaller 2.5″ & 3.5″ engines - see map, below. The terrain on which the track is built slopes, meaning the track in places is cut into the ground to a depth 2.5mtr to maintain the level. The line has a tunnel and passes under a bridge which carries a loop of the 7.25″ track and is set in beautiful mature woodland.

Steaming bays and unloading facilities are available for both the RLT and GLT.

More information about the tracks and the standards to which we work, for those belonging to other clubs and visiting us.

Meanwhile, next to the club hut, we have SM32/course 0 Gauge and 45mm/Gauge 1 garden railways, as well as an outdoor 00 layout elsewhere in the woods! The SM32 and Gauge 1 layouts are now in their third incarnation; the new bases and track laying were completed in June 2016. The Gauge 1 raised layout is approximately 46 yards long (0.8 of a scale mile) and comprises three main running lines, multiple carriage sidings, three road fiddle yard and a four road steaming bay from which a turntable gives access to the running lines. Meanwhile, the SM32 layout is a large 'dog-bone' shaped layout, with steaming bays and loops, and while it begins at 3' above ground level at one end, it wends it's way around the trees (and even through a stump!) much closer to ground level at the other end, giving a wonderfully varied layout.